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Aqueos Anti Microbial Anti Itch Dog Shampoo 200ml

Anti-microbial & anti-itch deodourising dog shampoo. Possibly the most versatile and effective shampoo available to dog owners. Aqueos is formulated to act on a number of levels working effectively against harmful contagions like Parvovirus, disinfecting minor skin irritations, relieving itchiness, cleaning the coat to leave it feeling soft and eliminating bad odours. Independently proven to EN test standards against Canine ParvoVirus. Aqueos anti microbial dog shampoo is also effective to 99.999% against bacteria and fungi within 30 seconds. Though very powerful, Aqueos is also incredibly gentle with the same chemical hazard rating as water making it soothing on your dogs skin and leaving the coat feeling soft. Water based, free of alcohol or bleach and biodegradable, Aqueos is also far more environmentally friendly. Conforms to European Standards EN14476 for viruses, EN1276 for bacteria types and EN1650 against fungi and moulds.