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Aqueos Canine Disinfectant Deodoriser Spray Fragnced 200ml

AQC1200 200ml Canine Disinfectant & Deodoriser Fragranced Spray
Independently proven to EN test standards against Canine Parvo Virus, this fast acting spray disinfects and deodourises safely. Also effective to 99.999% against bacteria and fungi within 30 seconds, Aqueos kills harmful pathogens before they have time to develop and continues to work for several days after application to inhibit potentially contagious spread. The active ingredients attack the bacteria that cause bad odours, eliminating rather than simply masking them, but the fragranced spray creates a more pleasant smelling environment and is perfect to use when your dog returns home after rolling around in fox or badger droppings.
Though very powerful, Aqueos is also incredibly gentle with the same chemical hazard rating as water making it safe for use on people or dogs and materials such as carpets, bedding, blankets, leather or flooring.
Water based and free of alcohol or bleach, Aqueos is much safer to use if you suffer from allergies or skin irritations. Being biodegradable it is also far more environmentally friendly. As it is non frothy, the spray may also be added to the washing machine cycle to disinfect and deodorise.
Conforms to European Standards EN14476 for viruses, EN1276 for bacteria types and EN1650 against fungi and moulds