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Aqueos Sanitising Wipes Tub 200 Wipes

    Aqueos Wipes may be used to clean dogs, skin or surfaces. Ideal to use on dirty paws after a walk, disinfecting water or food bowls, wiping coats and cleaning floors. Gentle enough to use around eyes and ears Aqueos provides a convenient and versatile solution. Also effective to 99.999% against bacteria and fungi within 30 seconds, Aqueos kills harmful pathogens before they have time to develop and continues to work for several days after application to inhibit potentially contagious spread. Water based and free of alcohol or bleach with the same chemical hazard rating as water, Aqueos is very safe and, being biodegradable, far more environmentally friendly. Conforms to European Standards EN14476 for viruses, EN1276 for bacteria types and EN1650 against fungi and moulds.