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Qualatex Balloon Stuffer Machine Kit

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Create your own spectacular balloon stuffing decorations with the Super Stuffer machine. This machine will allow you to keep an 18” stuffing balloon inflated while you fill the inside with stuffing material such as balloons, stuffed toys or shredded tissue using the balloon expander (to stretch the neck of the balloon) and a vacuum. As long as it’s soft, the only limit is your imagination! Simply tie off the end of balloon when finished for simple and effective stuffing.

The Super Stuffer® is a unique self contained, floor standing balloon stuffing machine with a built in dual purpose vacuum motor and floral tube.
• Light yet tough the SST2000® offers years of dependable trouble free service.
Built in casters for ease of mobility.

• With a loading height of 37” the Super Stuffer® is user friendly eliminating the need for a table or counter work top. The balloon remains in the chamber until it is finished with ribbon and bow.

• The stuffing chamber is made of tough PETG plastic specifically designed to fully inflate an 18” stuffing balloon. The clear dome allows the operator to complete their stuffing creation with 360 degrees of visibility.

• A 5” diameter chamber collar is injection moulded from tough ABS plastic and designed with and 6 nubs. These nubs allow the balloon to be reopened if required.

Machine dimensions: 58cm x 94cm x 43cm.

*Please note, a balloon expander is included in the machine. You will not need to buy this separately.


Kit Includes: (please note some stock / colours may vary dependent on availability) Email us for a full listing of items.

Qty. Item Name
2 x 8 inch Beige Sitting Bunny 
2 x 8 inch Grey Sitting Bunny 
2 x 12.5 inch Pink Rabbit with Bow 
2 x 12.5 inch Yellow Rabbit with Bow 
2 x 8 inch Yellow Chick 
1 x Flower Bottle and Cap (25)
1 x Festive Pull Bow Pack (3 Different Colours. 60 pull bows)
1 x 12.5 inch Bartley Bear 
1 x 12.5 inch Chandler Bear
1 x White Rose Petals (164)
1 x Royal Blue Rose Petals (164)
1 x White Shredded Tissue (1kg Bag)
1 x Pale Pink Shredded Tissue (1kg Bag)
1 x Pale Blue Shredded Tissue (1kg Bag)
1 x Super Stuffer Machine (1) Including Expander
1 x 18 inch Crystal Clear Stuffing (Sempertex or Qualatex) Latex Balloons (25)