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Taf Toys 2 in 1 Tummy Time Baby Support Pillow

This Taf Toys innovative support pillow changes into two positions as your baby develops in their early stages of life.

The first position aids children age 0 months, with gentle fluffy fabric for lower support, to allow new-borns to practice raising their heads whilst strengthening their neck and helps their little muscles to develop. The unique “U” shape design helps to bring your little one’s elbows together, allowing them to observe the high contrast illustrations on the luxurious pillow. For babies that are 3 – 6 months, the second position of the pillow has condensed support for your child’s chest, allowing free movement of their arms.

A crinkling feature is also included to help teach your little one about cause and effect of the multi-sensory textures.

Your baby will develop and enjoy their tummy-time with Taf Toys’ 2 in 1 tummy-time pillow!
  • A unique ergonomic design of two pillows
  • Aids 2 developmental stages that supports baby’s chest for extended tummy time practice
  • Tailored stages include 0m for soft, lower body support, and 3-6m for condensed support for baby's chest allowing free movement of the arms
  • Designed in a gentle "U" shape to help bring elbows together
  • The uniquely designed pillows help baby practice raising his head and neck and enhances his motor skills development